Linguistic Digram Frequency Tables

William Soukoreff and Scott MacKenzie

Department of Computer Science
York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3

The principal table (Figure 1) from our paper Theoretical upper and lower bounds on typing speed using a stylus and a soft keyboard (1995, Behaviour & Information Technology, 14, 370-379) provides digram frequencies for all of the common letter pairs including the space character. The table was generated using the data provided by Mayzner and Tresselt (1965, Tables of single-letter and digram frequency counts for various word-length and letter-position combinations, Psychonomic Monograph Supplements, 1(2), 13-32).

These data may be of interest to other researchers and so we have made electronic versions available through this web page.

For an ASCII version of the table, click here.

For an Excel for Windows Version 5.0a WorkSheet version, click here.