Text Entry Software Projects
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This page is an index to the text entry software projects made available to the public by William Soukoreff and Scott MacKenzie.

2 - The Key Capture Software

KeyCapture is a tool for usability professionals, researchers, and teachers, that that makes it possible to observe the keystrokes and mouse actions performed by a user of the windows operating system. Ever wonder: What editing keys are really used when entering text? How much time does a typical user spend using the mouse, as opposed to entering text? Or, What applications does a user use, and for how long? KeyCapture can answer these questions.

The availability of this software was first announced in this paper:

R. W. Soukoreff, & I. S. MacKenzie (2003). Input-based language modelling in the design of high performance text input techniques Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2003, 89-96.

More information about this software (including the source code) is available here.